Monday, 3 August 2015

New Arrivals: #AmazingAugust - Autumn/Winter 2015

Finally SimplyMii Autumn/Winter Series 2015 have arrived, thus please enjoy our latest series.

Material: Glitter Jersey
Color options: Glitter Grey 
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 245,000

Material: Cotton Interlock
Color options: Creme Printed  
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 215,000

Please contact SimplyMii Customer Care for Custom Size, approximately it takes 14 days for Custom Made products.

Lace is one of timeless materials and has been used since probably hundred years ago. The light and yet beautiful materials are perfect to capture the "girly side" from every woman.

Material: Lace and Wolfis
Color options: White
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 395,000

Material: Premium Jersey
Color options: Navy Blue, Grey, Black and Mocca  
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 225,000

Package Price (One set: Layer Top+Basic Layer Top+Baby Hareem): IDR 599,000 from original price IDR 620,000

Timeless Design.

Mimi Alysa has to deal with enormous behind-the-scene's works to make lots of simple, sweet and timeless dailywears for modern Muslima. The demand for women in modern day, particularly who live in big cities, are very complex. They have to raise their children, working, commute every day, take care the family member, social life, etc. and all of it are very demanding. Thus some simple, comfortable and fashionable items are needed to make their life better and easier.  

So, here we go, we proudly present our timeless outfits:

Material: PrintedWolfis
Color options: Printed Light Blue
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 225,000

Material: Premium Jersey
Color options: Navy Blue, Grey, Black and Mocca 
Size Standard: SM, ML and XL
Price: IDR 225,000

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Important News: New Terra Belle and District 12 Store

Marhaban Ya Ramadan and Eid Mubarak 1436H.
The Eid is just couple days away, thus last minute shopping will be the best option for last ditch effort before Hari Raya. Please find our new series at District 12 for your last minute shopping.

The Terra Belle Limited Edition
Material: Premium Lace and Wool Peach
Color option: Silver Lace - and Khaki Jersey
Size standard: SM and ML
Price: IDR 750,000

Material: Premium Lace and Wool Peach
Color option: Silver Lace - and Khaki Jersey
Size standard: SM and ML
Price: IDR 525,000

Available at District 12 Store, fX Sudirman, lantai f4, Jakarta.

The new Cape Dress
Material: Premium Lace and Chiffon Cerutti
Color option: Mocca Chiffon and Lace
Size standard: SM and ML
Price: IDR 599,000

Sunday, 12 July 2015

SimplyMii - MetroTV - Bank Syariah Mandiri: Sukses Bersama Syariah

Terima Kasih kepada Bank Syariah Mandiri yang telah memberikan support terhadap bisnis SimplyMii selama ini dan kepada Metro TV atas liputannya.

Friday, 3 July 2015

The District 12 Store Housewarming: Thank You #Ladyloves

Alhamdulilah the District 12 is now officially open. The new hope, new ideas and new spirit are the main reason why we open this store. The ambience of modern store will be felt when you enter the front door - everything is meticulously designed to satisfy the human senses: from lighting, fitting room, backdrop wall, counter to music selection.

We hope that we can offer you better shopping experience and better service than our previous store. And please feel free to critize us if you feel that we can still improve the level of convenience and the level of service experience.

The fashion advisor at District 12 will be train better, and the will work hard to satisfy all customers' needs.  

So, hopefully this is the beginning of new era. Thank You for visiting our new store.

Let's start with Bismillah.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

District 12 OPENING: Tomorrow 03 July 2015.

Dear Ladyloves,

Last Month were preparing the moving process from MUSE 101 to District 12, even though it is sad to leave the historical place where the milestone of SimplyMii stamped in Hijab Fashion Industry, but the show must go on. The new concept is definitely setting a new hijab-store-retail benchmark for all us who contribute in it. So, now we proudly present our new home: The District 12, at fX Sudirman, f4 Floor, Senayan, Jakarta. 

And Tomorrow is the beginning of a new era, we change the retail environment from the ground, we want a more clean and minimalist store that will make our collections stand out. It wasn't easy to change the mindset of the designers, but alhamdulillah we managed to synergize our ideas and the result is reflected in ambience in our store. 

To celebrate the new era, we present you special collections at District 12:

The new Black Kaftan

The new Lona Tunic Salmon

The new Terra Belle Navy Blue - Gold

The new Blue Kaftan - Short Sleeve

Don't miss tomorrow's event, let share the happiness. 
And Mimi Alysa will personally assist you in hijab styling and other fashion advices.