Friday, 29 May 2015

New Selma Skirt - Summer/Spring 2015

Design Story:
Alhamdulilah, the Selma Skirt has been a long obsession of Mimi Alysa to create this kind of unique skirt. The sewing technique is not easy and requires lots of details to make the final product. After so many revisions, so many trials and errors at research stage, finally we've found the way to create it with particular raw material choice. The key is the basic material and the experience of the workers in the SimplyMii Factory to execute it. Thus, enjoy the Selma Skirt for the fabulous week end #ladyloves.

Material: Premium Cotton
Color Option: Dusty Purple and Mocca
Size Standard: SM and ML
Price: IDR 295,000

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mila Cropped Outer in MidSpring

Design Story:
The Mila Outer is one of SimplyMii's Best Seller. It is actually designed for formal occasion, but the truth is it is fabulous as well for some casual holiday in the middle of spring weather.

Raw Material: Crepe
Size Option: SM and ML
Color Option: Choco
Price: IDR 255,000

Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Arrival: The new Terra Top

Design Concept:
The Terra Top is one of our best seller. Customer love it since the outer and tops are stitched in one part, thus with that simple touch the top looks fabulous instantly. The difference with the previous version, the new Terra Top is now with longer outer to augment the style. It will be perfect if you combine it with Baby Hareem Fleur Tosca.

New Terra Top.  
Material: Premium Jersey + Chiffon
Color Option: Pink and Pale Tosca
Size Standard: SM dan ML
Price: IDR 255,000

Baby Hareem Fleur
Material: Premium Jersey
Color Option: Tosca
Size standard: SM dan ML
Price: IDR 225,000

And please stay tuned for the BabyMii Eid Series, we will launch it soon.

Have a nice day #ladyloves

Friday, 22 May 2015

Our Best Sellers are back in stock on Monday, Book Now Ladyloves.

Monday 25 May 2015. Stay Tuned Ladyloves.

Good News for You, our Best Seller - the Bestie Top Blue Flowery and Plea Skirt Denim Flowery are gonna back in stock on Monday. Book Now while stock last.

Design Concept:
We tried to capture the spirit of Spring and Summer season and translated it onto a simple, sweet, fresh and breathtaking outfits. It wasn't easy job, but with hours of hardworks we managed to overcome the obstacles and now proudly present you the collection. So, enjoy more natural and flowery series from SimplyMii via A MidSpring Night's Dream Series 2015.

Raw Material: Premium Jersey (Body) & Cotton (Sleeves)
Color option: Red and Printed Flowery
Standard Size: SM - ML
Price: IDR 235,000 

Raw Material: Cotton Denim
Color option: Blue Denim and Printed Flowery
Standard Size: SM - ML
Price: IDR 355,000 

Coming Soon: The District 12

Coming Soon Our new Concept Store at fX Sudirman Jakarta.

Mark your calendar in June 2015.

Collaboration of

SimplyMii - El Hasbu - House of Nabilia - Kaimma Malabis - KARA Indonesia - Maimma - MissMarina - Monel - Nadjani - Noni Zakiah - Novierock - Rani Hatta and Restu Anggraini.

A MidSpring Night's Dream Part II.

Design Story:
The needs of versatile yet stylish dress kicked out all the time in the past. Thus Mimi Alysa was busy back to drawing board designing that kind of dress. And the result was the Lona Tunic. If you have high powered kids with full energy, this dress is perfect for your day.

Material: Wolfis
Size Standard: SM and ML
Color Option: Tosca and Grey
Price: IDR 295,000

Material: Premium Jersey
Size Standard: SM and ML
Color Option: Mocca, Black 
Price: IDR 215,000